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Our Services

shutterstock_97706507MAD Technologies is a full-service web solutions company.  That means we can do something as complex as build your complete IT world from scratch or something as simple as a customized email address for yourself or your business.


We specialize in WordPress powered websites.  WordPress is a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that allows you to control almost every aspect of your website once it is built.  Easily change content within pages, write blogs, change photos, or reorganize your menus.  WordPress also has thousands of widgets available that easily integrate to your website to add every functionality that you can imagine.  It allows us to build and maintain the more difficult or customized aspects of your site while you can take on the day to day content changes if you wish.  We’re certainly happy to help out with that as well if you’d prefer to be completely hands off.


While we do specialize and recommend a simple website build on a WordPress template we also have experience working with other template systems such as Joomla, Cushy CMS, and Silverstripe.  We of course can also build something completely from scratch without a standard CMS if that is your preference.


Other Services:


- Web Domains
- Web Content Hosting
- Customized Email

- Image Editing and Graphic Design Solutions
- Web Support for Current Sites
- Routine Content Publishing (text, photos, videos, social media)
- Social Media Set-up, Customization, and Consulting

- Mobile Services
- E-commerce Software and Storefronts
- Simple to Advanced Blogging Features
- IT Support and Consulting


For more information on what MAD Technologies can do for you, use the “Contact Us” page to reach out and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!