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Our First Three Projects are Off the Ground

The first 6 months at MAD Technologies have flown by.  Projects are exploding around us and I’m working like crazy to create the best web solutions possible for our clients.

We’re most proud of our first real project which was a complete start to finish build of the Hawkestone CrossFit website (  Hawkestone is a WordPress based site based on a great sport themed template.  We added some unique text elements and a great facebook widget to display their workouts of the day and recently posted facebook photos.  Check out the site and check out the gym in Mississauaga if you get a chance!

We’ve also spent a lot of time working with Keaton & Co. (  They are an online retailer of custom embroidered items such as place settings, bags, and pillows.  Their products are excellent and make great gifts!  Keaton and Co. had already developed their website to a point but needed some help getting over the hump.  We helped with that push to a beautiful website that still continues to grow and expand.

Our third and final project was a pet project of my own that had stalled a little but will get a fresh look soon.  That would be MAD Hockey (  MAD Hockey is a collection of my endless hockey ramblings and predictions.  I make a lot of them so I decided to try to record them in one place.  My posting is pretty sporadic but it’s there for your viewing whenever I get a break from MAD Tech!

Enjoy your summer!

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