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MAD Technologies is a full service information technology company specializing in web and IT solutions for individuals and small businesses.  MAD Technologies officially launched in January 2013, starting with a couple of small maintenance projects and has grown into a thriving business.  More and more individuals are realizing the significance of promoting themselves online and small businesses have realized that it is nearly impossible to compete without staying up to date on the most recent web trends.  MAD Technologies has grown from that desire and created more and more happy customers as the months have gone by.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMAD Technologies is run by Mark Dickie out of Stouffville, Ontario, just outside Toronto.  The company services web initiatives throughout Canada and across North America.  Mark has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick and a Graduate Diploma in Sports Administration from Concordia University in Montreal.  While Mark has some educational background in web design from Seneca College in Toronto, he picked up most of his web knowledge professionally including roles administering websites for Aliant Telecom and more recently large amateur and semi-pro sport organizations.  Mark currently combines his business and technology backgrounds as the Manager of Technology for a large national sports organization in Toronto.


MAD Technologies continues to grow and advance as quickly as technology does today.  For more information on the services we provide please visit the “Our Services” page for more information.  You can also see the projects that the company has recently been involved in by checking out the “Our Projects” page.


Also of course, always feel free to reach out to us with any web questions or potential initiatives through our “Contact Us” page.  Talk to you soon!